Organisation Overview

The Institute of Environment and Recreation Management was established in 1936 to allow municipal managers who are responsible for the management of public parks, open space and recreation facilities to network with each other.

The organisation is a non-profit, common-law association owned and controlled by the municipalities who are its members.

The institute strives to provide the following benefits for its members:

1. Networking opportunities

2. Lobbying government, politicians, industry and stakeholders

3. Taking an active leadership role in the industry

4. Influencing, facilitating and promoting Training and Development

5. Maintaining and creating International Alliances

The Institute of Environment and Recreation Management aims to be the leading public sector organisation promoting sustainable and integrated environmental and recreation management practices in South Africa.  The IERM has approximately 1000 members of which 100 are municipalities.

The membership of the IERM consists of managers responsible for management processes involving:

  • Cemeteries and Crematoria
  • Public Parks
  • Environmental Management & Planning
  • Nature Conservation
  • Community Recreation a& Recreation Facilities
  • Urban Greening
  • Arboriculture & Urban Agriculture

The IERM's branch meetings, congresses, seminars and advocacy work for the industry, offer members exposure and access to creative thinking in integrated and sustainable environmental and recreation management.

Please click here for the IERM Constitution